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Chinese invest in Croatian industry

CHINA, SHANGHAI 26.10.2018. - Vladimir Kovacevic and Sasa Divjak in front of Coeptis Novus participated in the conference "Creation of values in the time of Distruption" held in China, Shanghai 26.10.2018. The sidelines of the conference held a series of meetings with potential Chinese investors in projects in the Republic of Croatia and other southeast European countries. After a series of meetings in Shanghai, Kovacevic emphasised the huge interest of Chinese investors for investments in the manufacturing industry, agriculture, IT Industry, tourism, and the Construction and reconstruction of traffic and energy infrastructure.

Presentation of the project portfolio of COEPTIS NOVUS for Turkish investors

From March 31 to April 04, 2018, President of KOWLAGROUP Vladimir Kovačević will introduce projects from the COEPTIS NOVUS portfolio to Turkish investors in Istanbul, Turkey. Kovačević will focus on projects in the fields of tourism, manufacturing and energy. The aim is to present these projects and establish long-term cooperation with interested Turkish investors.

FLEX AP and Smart Factory a new solution from KOWLAGROUP to digitalization of Croatian factories

FLEX-AP develops advanced IT solutions (Information Technology), tailored to maximize productivity and efficiency in any of the customers’ business realities. A smart-workflow is adopted to hit the desired target, starting from a structured analysis of the customer’s needs, of the methodologies and of the technologies, jointly employed to develop a new and characteristic HI-TECH system. Smart Factory with FLEX-AP does not offer commercially standardized products with optional packages set by default. It offers tailored solutions, is this feature/characteristic that induces Smart Factory  to devise the actually best solution for each client, thus considering the customers’needs as the only prerequisite.

Continuing the successful results of KOWLAGROUP business in 2017.

In the past 2017, KOWLAGROUP had improved its operating results compared to 2016. By 2017, there was an insignificant drop in revenue in relation to the revenue generated in 2016. The Board used it to further focus on reducing expenditures, which as a result resulted in an increase in net  profit in 2017 by 33 % which was achieved in 2016.
EBITDA margin increased to 16 %. It is important to emphasize that the income per employee in 2017 was 90.646 € , income growth was 15%  and profit per employee in 2017. It was 41.971€

FAKOM has contracted with M-SAN Prefabrication of Oil Tanks for JANAF

In the construction of 3 tanks for investor and contracting JANAF, worth 240 million HRK, which was in front of the bidder's agreement with King ICT, FAKOM undertook the production and prefabrication of components for the construction of all three tanks in the value of 67.500.000 kn. The deadline for completion of FAKOM's business and discharging of products is June 2018, and this work is a major return of FAKOM to the market of the Republic of Croatia.

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