IT & Digital Technologies

As a leader in integrated traceability systems, Smart Factory with FLEX-AP develops advanced IT solutions (Information Technology), tailored to maximize productivity and efficiency in any of the customers’business realities. A smart-workflow is adopted to hit the desired target, starting from a structured analysis of the customer’s needs, of the methodologies and of the technologies, jointly employed to develop a new and characteristic HI-TECH system. Smart Factory with FLEX-AP does not offer commercially standardized products with optional packages set by default. It offers tailored solutions, instead.It is this feature/characteristic that induces Smart Factory  to devise the actually best solution for each client, thus considering the customers’needs as the only prerequisite. Reaching the expected results is assured by the establishment of a synergistic partnership and by the highest amount of flexibility and adaptivity provided.

Companies in our portfolio:

KOWLA GROUP;     Tel: +385 1 5516415,      Fax: +385 1 5516415;    [email protected];      Heinzelova 62/a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia