Business Model

KOWLA GROUP is a group of 5 companies operating in different industries and having a different ownership structure. All companies are independent and each has its vision, mission, goals and corporate governance system. The companies are at the group level independent but also related to the thematic but are also related to the underlying reason for the existence of the KOWLA GROUP. KOWLA GROUP is a strategic partner of all companies in the group through their business. The KOWLA GROUP mission is to provide profits and dividends to its owners through an innovative business model. Furthermore, we also have the support of a group of companies in their independent growth. We do this continuously through securing our own financing, implementing the latest IT standards in digitizing their business, constantly incorporating the latest knowledge into their top management. We also enable them to provide innovative ways to reach our workforce, and through a series of contacts of group co-owners, we allow networking and opening up new export markets and customers. We enable our employees and our subcontractors to maintain their business stability, and through our operations we have stable payment of taxes and contributions.

Companies in our portfolio:
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KOWLA GROUP;     Tel: +385 1 5516415,      Fax: +385 1 5516415;    [email protected];      Heinzelova 62/a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia